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"Which single ply roofing is best for my flat roof?"

Single ply roofing systems, designed for flat roofs, consist of one layer of material and have long-lasting protective capabilities. There are many types of single ply products, and most are designated by the initials of their chemical compound.


No single ply product is necessarily better than the other. Each has its own benefits unique to your roof.


Work with the roofing experts of 140 years at Truitt Roofing Co. of Covington, KY. Together, we'll find the best single ply product for your flat roof.

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Also known as thermoplastic polyolefin, TPO consists of materials that are combined in a thermal reactor at a molecular level, meaning they're strongly bonded.


This makes TPO highly resistant to cracking, peeling, leaking, tearing, punctures, and wind uplift. TPO is one of the lightest and most recyclable materials in the roofing industry - meaning you contribute to a greener planet and environment!


Since TPO is a polymer, it's a great insulator. That means it protects against the elements more effectively, including extreme hot and cold weather. Its strong bonds withstand expansion and contraction of other weaker materials.


TPO is the best solution for your flat roof.

Your flat roof is best bonded by Truitt Roofing Co.


EPDM rubber is scientifically known as ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber. EPDM is essentially a synthetic rubber, bonded at a molecular level to provide the same great benefits of high heat and cold resistance, tear and puncture resistance, wind uplift resistance, and longevity in humid or harsh exterior conditions.


Each of our single ply roofing materials carry minor differences that will determine which is best for your roof.


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