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Giving lasting value to your property's roof

Using a cold application, our roof coatings are well-tested and proven to give even longer life for your commercial roof. Coatings are versatile and easy to use.


When applied to your roof, our coatings not only protect and reinforce its integrity, but it provides a strong seal to protect it against moisture and weather damage as well!


Combine our roof coatings with your Truitt-installed roof's leading warranty, and your property is likely to outlast any other competitor's roof.

To begin your new partnership and roofing project with Truitt Roofing Co. of Covington, KY, simply call or email to schedule your FREE estimate!





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Creating a custom coating to meet your roof's needs

Providing you the options of low, medium, and high-viscosity

and low, medium, or high-fibrous roof coatings means you get the right coating solution that meets your budget, adheres correctly to your roof's underlying membrane, and provides the appropriate protection.


Have a minor leak or tear in your roof's membrane? Our high-fibrous, high-viscosity coatings provide a lasting seal and effective repair at a lesser cost.


We offer you the option of quality white and acrylic coatings that reflect up to 90% of UV light, ensuring further protection of your roof.


Our aluminum coatings provide excellent UV protection with an aesthetic quality.

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