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A metal roof will last you for decades

When you choose a metal roof, you're getting a physically and financially superior roofing solution for your property.


Lightweight and rugged, your metal roof from Truitt Roofing Co. of Covington, KY will last for decades to come. Choose from a plentiful selection of color options!


Our metal roofs are safer, providing a much lesser fire hazard. Metal roofs are also your most energy-efficient option, helping to reflect heat during the summer months.

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Get a low-maintenance flat roof for better budgeting

Covered with our industry-leading single ply membranes, a flat roof is perfect if you own a restaurant, office complex, or building adjoined to another property.


Using TPO, PVC, or EPDM compounds, our flat roofs are made to last with little upkeep and easy maintenance. Enjoy better leak protection and resistance against harsh hot and cold weather with a flat roof.


Your roof is also confidently warrantied for 10 to 30 years! You never need worry about investing in your roof again, for decades to follow.

Providing your property the right roof for the climate.

A quality shingle roof for a traditional look

Enjoy the warm, traditional look of a shingle roof installed by our roofing experts. Perfect for homes or small business, our installers make sure every inch of your property is protected.


Shingle roofing is cost-effective for your budget! Its light weight benefits older or smaller structures. Choose from a myriad of color options that'll complement your property's exterior paint or style.

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