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"Is a built-up roof right for my property?"

One of the most common roofing solutions in the commercial property industry, a built-up roof consists of multiple layers of bitumen. Similar to road surfacing pellets, bitumen is a black hydrocarbon material known for its excellent resistance to temperature and moisture.


Our built-up roofs are then covered with asphalt, an aggregate (gravel or slag), emulsion or a granule-surfaced cap sheet.


Each finishing solution also has its own set of advantages. The roofing experts of Truitt Roofing Co. of Covington, KY will determine which built-up roof composition is right for your commercial property.

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A proven roofing method since the 1840's

Built-up roofs are perhaps one of the oldest roofing solutions. Beginning around the 1840s, built-up roofs came in two basic types: asphalt or coal tar, with three basic components:


1. The waterproofing component

2. The reinforcing component

3. The surfacing component to protective the two former layers.


The roofing membrane of your built-up roof is protected by a surfacing layer. This layer is either composed of a cap sheet or gravel embedded in bitumen or another coating material.


Our built-up roofs provide multiple layers of protection, are cost-effective, and require little maintenance.

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